Everyone knows they should have a will, but the vast majority – about 70% of us – do not.  When we die, our families and friends will want to honour us by carrying out our funeral wishes. They will want to see that our property and possessions are distributed the way we want. In both cases, we can take the stress and worry out of these decisions by letting our family and trusted friends know what we want by having a will that specifies our wishes. Your will is the easiest and most effective way to tell others how you want your property and possessions– called your estate– to be distributed. Even if you don't have many investments or property, it's still a good idea to have a will so you can name an executor and make it clear who you want making decisions after your death occurs. You do not need to get legal advice, but because a will and other estate planning documents are legal documents, it is a good idea to have your will prepared by a lawyer. Will kits and guides can help you get organized, but they can't deal with everything. A lawyer will make sure that all your documents are prepared and witnessed properly. Lastly, the executor of your will should be aware of the location of it.