When Death Occurs

At the Malcolm, Deavitt & Binhammer Funeral Home our Funeral Directors are here for you from the first call to the days following the funeral and every step in between. Most people will meet with one of our Funeral Directors within 24 hours of a death to begin making funeral arrangements for their loved one.  Deciding on these final arrangements may seem like a very daunting task, especially when you are in a heightened emotional state, but with the aid of our funeral home staff you will find comfort in knowing that we take every measure to ensure all details are carried out beyond your expectations. 

When sudden death occurs at home or at a place away from home

If the sudden death of a loved one occurs when not under the care of a Physician it is advisable to contact the police immediately.  The police will be dispatched to your home or place of death to assist your family and contact our local Coroner.  Following a preliminary investigation, the coroner will determine if death had occurred naturally and therefore contact the Malcolm, Deavitt & Binhammer Funeral Home to arrange for our attendance and transportation of your loved one into our care. If the cause of death cannot be determined by the attending coroner he or she will then arrange for an autopsy to be preformed. Upon completion of the autopsy the Pathologist will advise the Malcolm, Deavitt & Binhammer Funeral Home that your loved one may at that time be transfered into our care. 

When death occurs at a Hospital, Nursing Home or Hospice Facility

When the death of a loved one occurs while being admitted to a hospital, or under the care of a nursing home or hospice facility, the staff of such a facility will notify your family if you are not present when death occurs. After your family has spent as much time as required with your loved one the facility will contact us on your behalf and request that your loved be placed into our care. If you are present when our funeral director's arrive, they will have the opportunity to answer any questions you may have and discuss arranging to meet with your family to assist with arranging for the funeral of your loved one.

Meeting with our Funeral Director's

Although our Funeral Directors are avalable 24 hours a day, we recommend that you call to set an appointment which will assist your family by speaking with our staff and allow for us to provide you with information and answer any immediate questions which you may have. The gathering of the following information may help you prepare for your first meeting with our Funeral Directors - 

  • Full Name and Address
  • Marital Status
  • Date, City, Province and Country of Birth
  • Father’s Name, Mother’s Name (including maiden name)
  • Name of Spouse (if married or widowed)
  • Occupation and Employer



  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Insurance Card
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Life Insurance Policies
  • Health Card
  • Passport
  • Last Will & Testament

If no pre-planning had been completed, necessary arrangements will need to be made for the the following:

  • Scheduling the date and time of the visitation and funeral service
  • Selecting burial or cremation
  • Choosing a casket or urn
  • Arranging for a cemetery plot
  • Preparing an obituary notice
  • Scheduling transportation arrangements

Our Funeral Directors will guide you through all these steps, using your wants, needs and desires as a foundation to create a memorable funeral for your loved one. From here the funeral services can be personalized.  Did your loved one have a favorite sports team?  What was their favorite type of music?  What activity was your loved one known best for?  Recalling fond memories assists with the grieving process and will help honor the life of your loved one.

Have a question? Ask our Directors